Not Just A Staff


“Lord, help me to let go,” is a bold prayer, but a glorious one. We all have things that bind us to things other than Him – jobs, people, money, even our ministries. Anything is in danger of becoming an idol if we focus more on it than on Him. Place it at the cross; don’t let it replace the cross. God can use what you give Him, so choose something to give. Let us be empowered by the truth that a boy’s lunch fed 5000 people (John 6:1-14), and a sling and stone killed a giant (1 Samuel 17).

When Moses questioned his abilities and calling, God asked a question in return. (Exodus 4:1-17). It was a question so simple, He didn’t need to ask. “What is that in your hand?”

God knew the answer – a staff. He created it, saw Moses pick it up, whittle it and carry it. God wasn’t after an answer. He wanted a reaction.

That same staff was used to part the Red Sea, strike a rock to see water gush forth from it, and was held high over Israel’s victory on the battlefield. In Moses’ hands, it may’ve been just a tool for a shepherd, but with God’s power and guidance, it became a tool for the glorious Creator. It was no mere staff, but was used by God beyond its intended purpose.

What do you have that can be given from your hands and placed in His? Often it’s the simple, everyday gifts or opportunities that we overlook that can be mighty when surrendered to Him. You have a car with a spare seat on your Sunday drive? Bring someone with you. You work in the same city with someone from church? Lunch and build a bond together. That old guitar in your garage you haven’t played in years? Maybe your faithful home group musician needs assistance.

If what is in your hands aligns with what is in God’s heart, prepare for something amazing and unexpected for His glory.


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